GrammarPride is a movement to address attitudes towards LGBTQIA students at Auckland Grammar School, and promote a culture of inclusivity, equality and respect. In the past, the climate at Grammar has been one of latent homophobia, in which many students are unable to feel comfortable with their sexuality and/or gender-identity out of fear of discrimination. The leadership team is currently addressing these attitudes and we’re excited about the change that will be happening over the coming year.

It’s worth noting that we can only speak about our secondary school because that’s where our experience lies, but we strongly suspect that this is part of a much wider issue across other NZ secondary schools. We’re confident that Grammar will provide a model for many other schools to similarly embrace and support their LGBTQIA communities.

Coming to terms with being LGBTQIA is difficult enough in itself, without added pressures from those around you. But in places where the word “gay” is hijacked as a derogatory term, and in the absence of targeted LGBTQIA support or allyship, students grappling with such issues are at tremendous risk of feeling isolated, stressed and ultimately struggling to learn and focus in class.

We hope that GrammarPride will be the first of many steps in bringing about change – the leadership team has already started working to address such issues and we hope to work in conjunction with them to promote this change. This website will function as an open forum for students and Old Boys to share their experiences (anonymously if they would prefer) to both provide support to current LGBTQIA students, and to promote allyship among the rest of the student body. We also hope to build momentum and work with schools as they vocalize allyship, bring in assembly speakers, encourage student advocacy groups and educate students on matters of sexuality and gender, to name a few actions.

So please, read the stories on this site, think about how you personally can help this cause, and spread the word. Thanks for reading!

Joel & Henry

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul Barron says:

    Fantastic gents. Congratulations on a wonderful initiative that will offer strength and support for so many. Well done.


  2. Sandra says:

    Well done on using your experiences and education to make the world better place.


  3. Anna says:

    As a current parent with deep reservations about many of the prevailing attitudes (in this area and others) at AGS, I am beyond impressed and humbled that you have been able to turn your high school experiences into a way of improving life for others. I much prefer ‘The Grammar Way’ as you embody it. I hope my son is able to eventually graduate with half as much personal strength, ethical thinking and morality as you gentlemen possess.


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