The Next Step

We are starting a new initiative to better support LGBTQ high school students around New Zealand. The ultimate goal is to create a tangible action plan for high schools to effectively support their LGBTQ community, while exploring the experiences of LGBTQ students from all around the country.

We are looking for talented people to fill in new roles for our committee as we strive to better support LGBTQ communities across schools around the nation.

We are looking for:

  1. Website Director
    – Manages web development of site to include stories and multimedia
  2. Marketing Director
    Deliver branding and logo design for the website
  3. School Outreach Committee – 3 committee members
    Gather profiles of schools with successful LGBT support systems, establish high school ambassadors, collect as many stories as possible, schedule interviews with members of school communities
  4. Organizational Outreach Committee 3 committee members
    – Collaborate with LGBT support organisations to identify successful strategies and effective support resources for students, and gather data from university studies to support initiatives
  5. Writing Coordinator
    Manage incoming stories and ensure writing is constructive and rich
  6. Social Media Coordinator
    To expand the movement on social media, regularly updating with new stories and releases.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact us at!

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