Avinash de Silva (’11)

Let me begin by saying that I am unreservedly apologetic for contributing to the homophobic culture that was unfortunately quite prevalent at AGS.

I had a very easy run through high school and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. The memories that I have of my time there are absolutely invaluable, as are the people I shared them with. Unfortunately, now that I examine those memories I come to the uncomfortable realization that I might have unwittingly stood by and watched as two of the most priceless of those friends struggled in silence with who they were. I am deeply saddened that these people who I called brothers suffered in complete silence without even being able to talk to anyone about it. What Joel pointed out about coming out while in high school is scarily accurate, and I feel it’s no coincidence that all my gay friends came out after leaving Grammar.

This homophobic culture is the antithesis of what I thought a Grammar man should be. And by extension, what I thought I was. The Grammar Way isn’t to contribute to a culture that openly makes your fellow students afraid to be themselves or even begin to try and come to grips with who they are. I hope that anyone reading this will realize that people have a rough go at life as it is, and just a little bit of consideration and awareness can go a long way. The price of gaining a little bit of empathy heavily outweighs the toll that our ignorance could take on the people that are the closest to us.

The Grammar Way was a term that was always batted around when I was in school, but I struggled to find a single reference to it. That’s because the Grammar Way is not set in stone, it’s something that’s always evolving. And this is simply another iteration of it.

Per Angusta Ad Augusta.

Avinash de Silva

Avinash graduated recently from Auckland University of Technology with a mechanical engineering degree and is currently interning at GEA, a leading supplier of food processing technology. At Grammar, he was heavily involved with rowing, lacrosse and the joint school production with EGGS.


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