Tim Robinson (’12)

I think I had the smoothest time at Grammar that I could have had. I avoided the general negativity of the prevailing culture by choosing really good friends. I formed a great circle of friends that understood me and most of whom have remained with me throughout uni. I never came out ‘officially’, but I didn’t try to deny that I was gay either (if someone genuinely asked me that is). Because of this, I think I was more free to express myself and worried less about self-censorship. Several teachers at Grammar improved the quality of my time there, for whom I’m thankful. It’s definitely not all bad, but there is some sizeable room for improvement.

Per Angusta Ad Augusta.

Tim Robinson

Tim is in his fourth and final year, studying Engineering Science at the University of Auckland. Outside of his studies, Tim is interested in having fun with friends, painting/making art, and walking his dog.

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