Remy Copeland (Form 6)

I’m a straight 16 year old sixth-form student at Grammar and have been at the school long enough to enjoy and benefit from all the opportunities and activities it has to offer.

From my three years at Grammar and especially this last year, I have noticed this homophobic attitude. An example of this is my mates calling me ‘gay’ since I’ve been doing school productions throughout my time at Grammar. Another misconception about the school production is that ‘only gays do it.’

Through production, I have met LGBTQ individuals for whom I have the utmost respect. I can’t imagine the verbal abuse they receive on a daily basis and how they put up with it every single day. However the thing is, this is shouldn’t be an issue. School should be the only place other than home where you should feel completely safe. People can be cruel; they like to single out those who are different, whether it be a different sexuality, a racial and cultural difference or a disability of some sort. Grammar Pride is more than just painting up for a Grammar game and backing the lion. It’s about showing respect to the Grammar community and appreciating the diversity that is present within the community.

This problem transcends further than the LGBTQ individual but also to racial minorities. This year, the teachers are taking a course on these types of things and are learning how to help people struggling to have confidence in their own sexuality. This is a good step forward for Grammar.

By setting up this website, you encourage students to share their thoughts on this topic and how the school can become a safer place for everyone. Making this stand and urging the school body to change its attitudes and views against LGBTQ individuals within the Grammar community shows immense courage, one of the true values of a ‘Grammar Man’.

Remy Copeland

Remy is in Form 6 at Grammar and has an avid interest in both music and sport. The past year he has been involved with the school production, A2 Tennis, Football and Social Cricket. He would like to see Grammar have a more inclusive environment because of discrimination that is prevalent among the student body.   

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  1. Victor says:

    Remy, I applaud you for courageously standing up for your LGBTQ friends and students. We need more straight allies like you to help eliminate homophobic attitudes in school, university and elsewhere. Thank you for your support!


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